2016 Event Trends – Episode 5

December 30, 2015

At the end of each year, we look forward to the next year to ponder on what changes we need to make (resolutions) but as an event industry, we seem to be fascinated by event trends and what will be “the next big thing” next year. So I assembled two of the leaders in event trends, Al Wynant and Corbin Ball. We have an hour long conversation about what we think are the biggest trends and how the industry will react to them. Start formulating your list of the 2016 event trends, and then compare them to what our experts have to say!

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Starting Your Own Event Company – Episode 4

December 23, 2015

Starting your own company. It’s the dream of so many of us! Well this week, we talk with Dahlia El Gazzar and Sarah Soliman about what it takes to make creating your own company possible! This week is full of inspiration thinking and awesome tools to start your own company and you do not want to miss it! You can watch the replay below but as always, we definitely recommend tuning in live on Wednesdays at 5pm EST on Blab so you can ask questions live and talks directly with the icons of the events industry. Next week, we have Al Wynant and Corbin Ball who will be discussing 2016 event trends! Tune in live at 5pm EST on Wednesday to share your predictions!

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Event Tech Rising – Episode 3

December 16, 2015

Event technology, event technology, event technology! It’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues in the industry so I wanted to assemble the top names in the event industry who know event technology and of course, I had to invite Liz King of techsytalk, Sean Holladay of Crowd Mics and Laura Lopez of Social Tables to chat trends, cool new technologies and most importantly to answer your questions! It’s another episode of #EventIcons and this one does not disappoint! Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 5pm LIVE on Blab to ask questions of the icons of the event industry. Watch the recording of Episode 3 below.

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Simplifying Event AV – Episode 2

December 9, 2015

The second episode of #EventIcons is here and I wanted to start the show off with a topic that I am very familiar with but I know a lot of planners find confusing and that is event AV. So I brought together the three people I know are putting our a huge effort to educate planners and make AV much easier. I hope you enjoy this weeks episode, and be sure to tune in live so you can ask questions as well!

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Origin Of #EventIcons – Episode 1

December 2, 2015

Join us every week on #EventIcons where, I, Will Curran and the audience get a chance to ask questions to the most iconic people in the event industry. This week, we are doing things a bit differently and give you a chance to get to know me, the host. Dan Tyre is #6 employee of Hubspot and speaks at hundreds of events, and grills me on how I started the company and my tips to making the events run smoothly.

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