Producing Coachella Of The East, Firefly Music Festival – Episode 9

January 27, 2016

I actually visited the Red Frog office a few weeks back and met with their Co-CEO, Ryan Kunkel. They are huge on culture and producing iconic events. Red Frog Events began in 2007 when founder Joe Reynolds was inspired by the show “The Amazing Race” and decided to create unique, fun events that everyone could enjoy. My guests this week, are Christiane Pheil , the company’s official Tackler of Talent, who plays an intricate role in the Firefly Music Festival and all of their events (she’s a badass), and Caitlyn Kahan, Superstar of Style and handles the entire vendor relations department and has been with the company since working Firefly in the merchandise tent and evolved into back of house operations to vendor relationships (she’s a badass too).

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First Ever 4K Live Stream At SXSW – Episode 8

January 20, 2016

These days everyone is talking about live streaming as being an alternative to being at the event. Well, far too often, the quality does not even match what it’s like to be there. My guests this week, Dusty Kraatz, Nicholas Roselius, and Jon Burke, created the first ever 4k live stream at SXSW this year and we’re here to talk more about the future of streaming and what it’s like to be on the bleeding edge of streaming tech.

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How To Do AV For Planners – Episode 7

January 13, 2016

It’s another week and another edition of #EventIcons where we interview and give you a chance to ask your questions to the icons of the event industry. This week, we have legends Mike McAllen & Jon Trask! I met Mike & Jon at the Event Technology of the Year awards at IMEX in Vegas. Mike & Jon are the AV gurus & lover of production and hosts of They both created an awesome platform called AVForPlanners which helps demystify AV for anyone who plans events. Mike is the one who actually introduced me to Blab, so I guess in a way you guys can thank him for inspiring #EventIcons. I was just on MeetingsPodcast, so you’ll have to head over there to listen to that! So let’s jump into the interview! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can watch our interviews and ask questions for yourself live on Blab. Just head over to Blab and subscribe!

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Birth Of BizBash – Episode 6

January 6, 2016

It’s time for another edition of #EventIcons! This week, we have guest, David Adler! David is the founder and CEO of BizBash. If you have never heard of BizBash, BizBash has become the largest media property in the B-to-B event industry with nearly 2.2 million annual user sessions. David got his start in media early where at age 21 he started his own magazine, Washington Dossier, a magazine that covered power, society, politics, and entertaining in the nation’s capital. Well regarded as the leading name in event media, BizBash not only has the physical site, but also hosts major events and even now has it’s own podcast, GatherGeeks. Be sure to tune in live so you can ask questions of your icons of the events industry each week. Tune in on Blab at 5pm EST on Wednesdays!

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