Get More Event Sponsors – Episode 21

July 27, 2016

How can I get more event sponsors? If you have asked yourself this question (and we know you have) this is the episode you have been waiting for! Our industry-leading #EventIcons this week include Meg Fasy of FazeFWD, Jacque Duhame of Duhame Event Group, Courtney Bosch-Tanguy of MarketingProfs, and Peter Poehle of SponsorMyEvent. We’ll be discussing where you can find sponsors, creative ideas to activate sponsors, how small brands can get big name sponsors, and more! Log in and join us!

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Ask Us Anything & News Edition – Episode 20

July 20, 2016

Join us this week for our Ask Us Anything & News Edition! #EventIcons Laura Lopez of SocialTables and Sean Holladay of Crowd Mics will be catching you up on the latest industry news and answering your questions – LIVE! In this episode we are tackling topics such as: how new technology will affect event management (RFID, VR, etc), the latest craze – PokemonGo, and much, much more! Log in and ask your questions, and our #EventIcons will do their best to answer them.

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Events Improving Local Economies – Episode 19

July 6, 2016

Events Improving Local Economies – At what point does an event truly impact a local economy and tourism? How can event planners help improve a local economy and tourism? How can planners involve the city and community to capture the most out of the event? If these are questions that you have ever considered, this week’s episode is just for you! This week we’re featuring three amazing panelists. Innovative leaders, Sara Hunt (Vice President of San Francisco Giants Enterprises and Director at Large for the International Live Events Association Board of Governors and Leadership San Francisco), Rachel Pearson (Vice President of Community & Government Affairs at the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau), and Andrew Van Luchene (CEO of JackRabbit Systems and Zerista), will be answering these questions and more. Join us and let’s discuss Improving Local Economies Through Events!

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