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Virtual Emcee: How One Can Make Or Break Your Virtual Event!

Virtual Emcee: How One Can Make Or Break Your Virtual Event!

April 16, 2020

Now that virtual events are the talk of the town, it’s time to consider a virtual emcee. Especially because one of the biggest concerns with virtual events is audience engagement. So considering a virtual emcee is definitely something you want to do. Not only will one keep your event interesting, but it will also make your audience happier and eager for more. But where to start? And why should you really consider hiring one? What are the tangible benefits brought to the table?

To help answer all these questions, we’re happy to introduce Dan Ram. Dan was a previous guest on #EventIcons. And as a remote emcee, world traveler, and industry icon, he has plenty to teach. So if you’re curious to learn how a virtual emcee can help ensure the success of your remote event, wait no longer – press play and join Dan Ram and Will Curran on a brand new, exciting episode of #EventIcons! Be sure to head over to our blog to check out the amazing resources! 

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