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Industry Advocacy During A Pandemic

Industry Advocacy During A Pandemic

December 8, 2020

How does industry advocacy during a pandemic even look like? For as long as it has existed, the events industry has struggled with unity. And it's not because we don't want to come together as one. But rather because we're such a complex mix of professionals that span everything from production to catering, venues, planning, and more. Trying to define the events industry has always been a challenge. And consequently, finding unity during tough times has proven to be particularly exhausting.

But we can all agree that never has this topic been more relevant than in 2020. As one of the most affected sectors, learning how to call for industry advocacy during pandemic quickly became a hot topic. And while no one has an exact answer, our amazing guest today, Shawn Cheng of MCI, has a few ideas worth exploring. You know what time it is - it's #EventIcons o'clock!

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