#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

Content Marketing In The Event Industry – Episode 11

February 10, 2016

Content marketing is all the buzz today and we wanted to get the people who are crushing it in content marketing in the event industry. My guests this week are David Epstein, Content Marketing Manager of Bizzabo, who is a content marketing and brand building expert focused on building a marketing machine to educate event planners about a SaaS solution! I’m also joined by Kristen Carvalho, Senior Content and Social Media Manager at eTouches. Kristen Carvalho joined etouches in November 2013 and is the company’s Senior Content and Social Media Manager. She is charged with setting and executing the social media and content strategies to support the marketing team efforts to increase equity and online brand awareness. Big shout out to Laura Lopez for hosting this week’s episode while I was in the Panama jungle!

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