#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

Down With The Third Party Platform with Saroosh Gull

August 10, 2021

Event platforms took the events industry by the storm. So much so that they can be considered as the new venues! There's more of them each year and some of them are even attracting huge investments. We've had countless enthusiastic guests talk about them on #EventIcons before, but today's guest is a little bit different. He says: down with third-party event platforms!

Saroosh Gull is the CEO of Eventcombo and he is on a mission to disrupt the entire $1 trillion event industry. He's all about building meaningful relationships and event planners staying in full control of their events. Event platforms unquestionably satisfy event planners' needs, but are they really the only way to go forward? Press play and find out!

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