#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

Creating Engaging Virtual Event Experiences

May 26, 2020

Have you been looking everywhere for tips on engaging virtual experiences? And do you feel a bit lost in the midst of all the craziness? Well, you’re not alone! With everything going on in the industry, planners are facing several challenges. But thankfully, not everything is lost. Because thanks to virtual events, planners everywhere can keep on doing what they do best. And that is, of course, bring people together and create amazing experiences. The paradigm might have changed, but if there is something industry professionals know how to do, it’s keeping up with the motions.

So this week, we’re continuing the trend of bringing you exciting virtual event tips. And we have a very special guest to help us out! Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist and full-time keynote speaker who’s here to share his knowledge about engaging virtual event experiences. Joined by our incredible host Sarah Christl, Brian has quite a bit of good stuff to teach us. So press play and join us for another amazing episode of #EventIcons!

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