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How Funko Became The #1 Collectible In The World – Episode 30

September 28, 2016

This week we’re thrilled to be joined by Funko’s creator and founder, Mike Becker! We’re talking to Mike about how he developed his vision and transformed his dreams into reality! Mike will explain how the company got started and eventually grew into the iconic, worldwide mammoth that it is today! You have a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes a bit to learn how Funko Fun Days became a part of San Diego Comic Con. Also, Mike’s going to share with us how the company uses events like Fun Days to connect with fans, and how they keep surprising and delighting us year after year. In this episode, you’ll be privy to insider information about where where they are headed, as well as updates about some exciting new ventures that Mike has going on. You don’t want to miss this exclusive, live interview! Join us and bring your questions!

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