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How To Understand The Cost Of AV – Episode 45

January 18, 2017

This week we’re wrapping up our 2-part series focused on How to Understand and Minimize the Cost of AV for Events. Bring your questions for our panelists! We’re being joined by the ICONIC Damian Oracki (Founder of ShowSlice), Tommy Melancon (Owner/CEO EventCollab & Level 2 Design), and Megan Powers (Marketing Communications Consultant with Powers of Marketing). What a lineup! Topics for today’s episode will include Why the Cost of AV is Often So High, How Can Planners Save Money on AV, and What Are Some Hidden AV Costs to be Aware of. Our guests will be addressing these questions and more as they share their years of experience and expertise. We’re unveiling the mysteries of the Cost of AV!

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