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Producing Coachella Of The East, Firefly Music Festival – Episode 9

January 27, 2016

I actually visited the Red Frog office a few weeks back and met with their Co-CEO, Ryan Kunkel. They are huge on culture and producing iconic events. Red Frog Events began in 2007 when founder Joe Reynolds was inspired by the show “The Amazing Race” and decided to create unique, fun events that everyone could enjoy. My guests this week, are Christiane Pheil , the company’s official Tackler of Talent, who plays an intricate role in the Firefly Music Festival and all of their events (she’s a badass), and Caitlyn Kahan, Superstar of Style and handles the entire vendor relations department and has been with the company since working Firefly in the merchandise tent and evolved into back of house operations to vendor relationships (she’s a badass too).

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