#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

Reimagining the Virtual Experience with Banu Kannu!

August 17, 2021

Last year, the virtual revolution completely transformed the events industry. We shifted our focus from venues to online platforms and brainstormed all kinds of ways to keep the audiences glued to the screens. And even though in-person events are making a glorious comeback, virtual events are here to stay. Moreover, they need to keep evolving! That's why on today's episode of #EventIcons, we will talk about reimagining the virtual experience. One size certainly doesn't fit all: when planning a virtual event, you have to talk to your community.

Today's iconic guest is Banu Kannu, the co-founder and CEO at Uncommon Conferences. She is a business development professional with over 15 years of international experience. She shares the success story of the award-winning Gas Fest and how they planned virtual workshops that took place in April 2021. Press play and join us for yet another #EventIcons!

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