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Slowing Down Human Trafficking: The Role Meeting Planners and Hotels Can Play – Episode 147

February 8, 2019

January is national human trafficking awareness and prevention month. Sex trafficking is an issue that feels almost impossible to solve but if everyone took steps to recognize the signs and help we could make an impact. The International labor organization estimates that over 40 million people are living in trafficking worldwide, 1 out of 4 being children. This isn’t an issue in a far away country either, human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states. Everyone should be aware of human trafficking signs.

Today we will talk about how the Events and Meeting industry can take steps to slow human trafficking down. It’s a difficult and multi-sector issue and we are all responsible for helping prevent and catch it.

Joining us today is the iconic Michelle Guelbart, Director of Private Sector Engagement at ECPAT-USA. ECPAT-USA is a policy advocacy organization that works to end the sex trafficking of children. They are part of a larger international network with offices in 94 countries. She will teach us about human trafficking signs to look for and recognize potential trafficking situations, and why it’s important meeting and event planners take action and so much more. This is an episode you truly must watch.

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