#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

The Sustainable Event Awards: What They Are & Why They Matter

March 24, 2020

Have you heard about the Sustainable Event Awards? It’s probably old news to you that sustainability is a topic we love discussing. Because we’ve covered it several times here at Endless! And today we’ll be dabbling on it again but in a more exciting way. It’s not just about how to plan sustainable events. But rather, how to push the trend forward and make sure everyone jumps on the bandwagon. And that’s exactly where the Sustainable Event Awards come in.

So joining our incredible host Brandt Krueger is Adam Parry. And you might know Adam as the co-founder and editor of the event industry’s global online magazine, Event Industry News. He is also the mind behind the Event Tech Live Awards, and, more recently, the Sustainable Event Awards. Adam has a lot to tell us about this new endeavor, and the potential it has to push the industry forward. So let’s get iconic – press play and join us for another episode of #eventicons! Blog here! 

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