#EventIcons - Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

Crafting Entertainment For Virtual & Hybrid Events

November 24, 2020

Just yesterday, we once again tackled the topic of virtual audience engagement. And one of the points we stressed was the importance of entertainment. The world is always starving for entertainment, and remote attendees are not an exception to this rule! On the contrary - one could even argue that keeping audiences amused is even more crucial in a virtual setting. Plus, with hybrid on an almost certain path to become the norm, it becomes crucial to learn the ropes of entertainment in this new world.

So today, we're diving straight into it. Our lovely host Sarah welcomes the iconic JC York from Classic Entertainment & Productions. And JC has quite a lot to say about the topic! As a titan of entertainment, there's no one we'd rather have on board to teach us more about entertaining the new age of attendees. So press play and join us for another #EventIcons!

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